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new here... [28 Mar 2004|02:09am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey everyone, I'm new here and just wanna say cool that there's finally a place for deftones fans! Or maybe there were many but I never looked until now.

Anyways, cool community. This is all I have to say for now.

fall in love with the sound

Deflove. [27 Mar 2004|05:31pm]

[ mood | content ]

Just joined. Thought Id let you all know.

I ♥♥ my Deftones.


fall in love with the sound

[23 Mar 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well, if ya'll didn't know, I won that Deftones media player contest! I posted this in deftonesfans.
I'm reallly happy! :DDDDD

Pics of the guitar. :o)
yay.Collapse )


fall in love with the sound

[20 Mar 2004|02:49am]

Hey everyone, just thought I'd put up an opinion question....

Out of every song the Deftones have ever made, which one do you all think is the best?

To me, it's impossible to pick a favorite song, because there are so many that are just incredible! I just want to get other opinions on this.

fall in love with the sound

[02 Feb 2004|05:16pm]

deftones *drools* so great lol
fall in love with the sound

yeahhhhh [28 Dec 2003|08:20pm]

i know this site is primarily deftones...which believe me is enough but i would like to introduce everyone to a very very good band.

they are called factory 81, they are from detroit.
unfortunately they recently parted ways but their music is so good, and most people who like deftones like factory 81 too.

also i just got ahold of the team sleep cd (which is chinos side project if you were uninformed) and it is really really good.

if you like the deftones i suggest you try and get ahold of the team sleep stuff...

its classical anyway.
fall in love with the sound

[26 Dec 2003|06:46pm]

the sound

[07 Dec 2003|03:48am]

[ mood | awake ]

In case anyone was interested in some Deftones rarities on ebay:

You can bid on it here

As well as:

You can bid on it here

Thanks everyone!

the sound

[05 Dec 2003|06:15pm]
what do you think the best deftones album is to buy?
i already have around the fur and it's not that great..what's the best in your opinion?
fall in love with the sound

deftones gig in toronto [28 Nov 2003|03:37pm]

i just joined.

yesterday i saw the deftones and they were fucking amazing, they also had trice and thrusday who were also good but deftones blew me away! \m/
the sound

[16 Nov 2003|09:22pm]

Here is a background you can use for your desktop that I made. Right click and save.
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This is uploaded to my server and will not be on here long. So, grab it while you can!! Thanks guys <33
fall in love with the sound

[16 Nov 2003|08:59pm]

I recently saw the Deftones here in ATL, Ga Nov. 13th and it was BAD ASS. The songs they sang were:

Bloody Cape
My Own Summer
Digital Bath
Be Quiet and Drive
Around the Fur
The Chauffer
Street Carp

I got bad ass pictures, I'll scann them soon.
fall in love with the sound

hey i just joined, and i would like you to check out the deftones media [08 Nov 2003|05:10pm]


click for deftones media
the sound

[08 Nov 2003|12:30pm]

OKKI..blah they are here nov.27 in toronto:):)
I GOT TIXS im so happy!!

fall in love with the sound

[07 Nov 2003|05:04pm]

does anyone have two tickets they want to sell for the nov. 14 deftones show at the norva?
the sound

fuk me. [07 Nov 2003|01:23am]

[ mood | zenlike ]

i took a 2 hour drive tonight to see deftones in austin. it was so worth it. this morning i banged my knee into the dorr, it swelled and i smiled, because i knew i'd be listening to them live! i broke my slush cup before i even got to drink it, but it was fine, there was deftones. the camera got taken away and i cried but then deftones made it all better. ofcourse i brought the mosh as well. now im bruised and broke. g'night in pain i lay happily....<3
p.s. im new.

the sound

Crossposted [06 Nov 2003|09:57pm]

Orlando, November tenth. Is anyone going? Especially anyone from jacksonville? I need a ride and I can chip in a fiver or so for gas, but I am poor, so don't expect too much. Anyone within an hour or three of Jax just feeling super generous and wanting to come pick me up would worshipped.

Comment or e-mail me at hoiidayarmadiio@aol.com ...Gratzi.


(I could float here forever.)
the sound

Howdy =] [30 Oct 2003|07:17pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone. I'm new, my name is Lisa. I'm from Boston, MA. Anyone going to the Deftones show on 11/17?
Ok I guess that's all for now. :)

the sound

[30 Oct 2003|06:02pm]
hii just joined. I'm kate..and the deftones are awesome...though you already know this. okay..bye;]
the sound

FACTS! [16 Oct 2003|11:13pm]

The song "TEENAGER" was suppose to be a Team sleep song and Chino brought it to the other band members of the deftones attention and they changed it a little bit and brought it on the White pony Cd.

The meaning behind the song my own summer is about how Chino hates the light and he wants to shove the sun away therefor having his own summer. Most thinks it's about a girl and shoving her away, really he was in the studio and the sun was blazing in when he looked up the sun burn'd his eyes and he end up putting tin foil over the windows.
the sound

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